Andronikos Mauromoustakos

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Dr. Andronikos Mauromoustakos was born in Thessaloniki GR and left his hometown in 1978 for the US on a full-ride NCAA tennis scholarship. At that time of his departure during the end of 1978, he had completed the first year of undergraduate studies at Aristotle University. Since he did not read or speak English, he was forced to study Math while traveling playing tennis for a top-20 tennis program and Hall of Fame tennis coach. He did manage to learn enough English on his own while attending his regular classes and managed to graduate with honors securing several graduate academic scholarships from prestigious US Universities. In the fall of 1988 (ten years after his arrival) he graduated with honors with a PhD in Statistics from OSU. During that entire span of six years, two for his MS and four for his PhD at the OSU Statistics Department he was awarded the only research scholarship of the department assisting the Oklahoma Experiment Station Statistician. Upon the completion of his PhD, he joined the Agricultural Statistics Lab at the neighboring U of Arkansas. During the last 20 years as a full professor in the academic department of Crops Soils and Environmental Sciences, he teaches consults and advises graduate students and their advisors. In this capacity, he teaches about 100 graduate students each year half of whom are international mainly “AG” students from all over the world. Thru the years he served on more than 100 PhD graduate committees and many more MS. He teaches the four graduate courses that comprise the core of the STAN graduate program. He has co-author more than 150 papers in refereed journals, published in over 40 different subject matter journals. He has presented more than 100 presentations and invited workshops internationally and in national and in regional conferences and universities.