Call for Papers

We are inviting authors to submit abstracts, for the X International Peach Symposium held under the high patronage of Cyprus University of Technology.


During submission of the abstracts, one session in the sections below should be selected for each abstract by the authors/presenters. Please add this information to the conveners in the “remarks from the editor(s)” field in the abstract details page.

Section 1 – Breeding (germplasm, rootstocks, cultivars)

Section 2 – Genetics, genomics and biotechnology

Section 3 – Plant physiology and abiotic stress conditions

Section 4 – Plant pathology and pest management

Section 5 – Nutrition, irrigation

Section 6 – Cultivation practices/Mechanizations

Section 7 – Postharvest physiology and technology/processing

Section 8 – Economy, Trade and Marketing Policies


Abstract must be written in English, limited to a maximum of 300 words and submitted online, with indication of your preference of either oral or poster presentation through

The abstract must include a concise statement of the research problem, specific objectives, methodology/procedures applied while conducting the research, results and discussion, and a concluding statement.

The presenting author of each accepted abstract must be registered. Each registered author can submit up to two abstracts.

Abstracts will be reviewed and edited accordingly by the Conference Scientific Committee.

The corresponding authors will be duly informed on acceptance of the contribution either as an Oral or as a Poster presentation through e-mail well before 28/02/2022. The titles of accepted contributions, form of presentation (oral/poster), and appropriate section, will be posted on the Conference website.

All accepted abstracts will be included in the Abstract Register of the Conference and will be distributed to all attendees.

Accepted authors must submit full papers by 30th March 2022. After a review process by the Scientific Committee, the selected papers will be published in a special edition of ‘Acta Horticulturae’.

Acta Horticulturae Author Guidelines

Mind Award

During Symposium one Young Mind Awards for junior scientists will be given for the best oral presentation given by a junior scientist who is in the same time the presenter and first author of the submitted abstract

A special committee, set up by the Symposium Conveners and an ISHS Representative, will be responsible for selecting the awardee.

Junior scientists to be eligible for this award must be the lead and presenting author of the submission and should be enrolled in a university or college. He/she can be undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate (limited to 6 months after finishing the program of study), and with an age limit of 35.

Students, junior scientists interested in participating in the ISHS Young Minds Award should indicate this when submitting their abstract in ROSA by ticking the appropriate box which is available in the abstract entry page.

By indicating his/her interest in the ISHS Young Mind Award the junior scientist confirms to meet the criteria mentioned in the ISHS Young Mind Awards webpage for participation and agrees to accept the terms and conditions