Magdalini Krokida

Evaluation of environmental and economic performance using LCA and LCCA tools. Case study – Production of peaches

Professor of the School of Chemical Engineering of NTUA. She is a member of the Laboratory of Process Analysis and Design since 2002. She is working in the area of Food Engineering, with more than 25 years of experience. She has intensively worked in the design and development of functional foods, in the design and optimization of physical processes, such as drying methods, extraction methods, novel encapsulation methods, etc., the determination of thermophysical properties of foods, in database development, as well as in the evaluation of the economic and environmental impact of several products and processes. Prof. Krokida has a considerable publishing activity, including two Greek books, two international books and eleven chapters in international books and more than 140 articles in international “peer-reviewed” journals (more than 3160 citations). She is also editor in one book. She has participated, both as a scientific advisor and as a researcher, in more than 40 research projects, funded by the European Commission, the general Secretariat of Research and Technology and various food industries. She is a reviewer in 10 international journals, member of the editorial board of 2 international journals and has participated as a member of the organizing and scientific committee in several scientific conferences. She is representative of Food for Life Platform in Greece, representative of Greece at the International Scientific Committee of Drying (EFCE Working Party on Drying), President of the Scientific Committee of the Hellenic Food Industries Association (SEVT) and ambassador of Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) in Greece.