María Fabiana Drincovich

The metabolic diversity of peach fruit and its usage as phytochemicals resources with roles in human nutrition and health

María Fabiana Drincovich is Professor of Biological Chemistry at the Department of Biochemistry, School of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, National University of Rosario. She is additionally Principal Researcher at the Center for Photosynthetic and Biochemical Studies (CEFOBI) at National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), Argentina. She has received several awards, namely: L’Oréal - CONICET - UNESCO Award for the Women in Science; Bernardo Houssay Award for Young Scientists in Biological Science, Argentine Department of Science and Technology; Ranwel Caputto Award for Young Scientists in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Argentine National Academic of Science; Professor Doctor Agustin D. Marenzi Award to the Best Experimental Work in Biological Chemistry. She has alos acted as invited speaker in several Scientific Conferences: Leloir Lecture Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Biology 2019; Plant Biology 2017, American Society of Plant Physiologist; Latin American Metabolic Profiling Symposium 2016; Latin American Congress and Argentine Meeting of Plant Physiology Society 2014; XIV Argentine Congress of Food Science and Technology 2013; VII Ibero-American Congress of Post-Harvest Technology and Agro-Exports 2012; Gordon Research Conference 2011. She is currently Associate Editor at FEBS Openbio and Guest Associate Editor in Frontiers in Plant Science