Pere Arús

The peach genome and its breeding applications

Pere Arús is agricultural engineer (Universitat de València, 1974) and PhD
in Genetics (University of California, Davis, 1984). His areas of expertise
are population genetics, crop evolution and plant breeding, and he has specialized in thes use of molecular markers and other genomics tools
in plant genetics and breeding. He is currently interest in four crops: peach, almond, strawberry and melon, where he works on the genetics
and genomics of characters related with fruit quality and disease resistance, and in the development of marker-based breeding methods that allow
to circumvent some of the limitations of breeding in clonally-reproduced tree crops. He has had various management-related activities at IRTA: director of the Center of Cabrils (2007-2009) and Chief Scientist (2009-2015). He is one of the initiators of the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) and was its deputy director (2003-2018).