Christmas lunch 2015: Plant Stress Physiology and Fruit Sciences/Postharvest Groups @ CUT wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!
Padova group in the premises of the University of Bologna
CUT group during the exercises of the 26th Conference of the Hellenic Society for Horticultural Science
Qualitative analysis in traditional Cypriot cultivars
Vlasios is sharing his expertise with the ‘next generation’ young scientists
CUT Fruit Sciences/Postharvest group joined with Ariel Vicente (November 2011)
CUT Fruit Sciences/Postharvest group (November 2011)
Panos, Maria and Fedon working intensively in the lab
Hands on experience for young undergraduate students
Dr. George Manganaris present the candidacy of Greece for the organization of the X International ISHS Conference.
George Manganaris (CUT), John Labavitch (UCDavis) and Ilaria Migani (University of Milan)
Keynote talk of Ian Ferguson (The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research)
John Labavitch inaugural speech
Delegates at Currium (V Postharvest Unlimited Conference)
Keynote talk of Bart Nicolai (KU Leuven)
Gala dinner (V Postharvest Unlimited Conference)
Poster session display (V Postharvest Unlimited Conference)
Scientific session in progress (V Postharvest Unlimited Conference)
Undergraduate students attending Pomology (January 2014)
George with late Prof. Angelo Ramina during the First Horticulture Conference in Europe (Vienna, Austria)
Padova Group in Ramina’s house
Prof. Silveiro Sansavini and George Manganaris (Vienna, Austria, 2008)
Maria Theodorou is proudly presenting her award of excellence (3rd prize for 4th year student)
Attending crowd of keynote lectures (Lurie, Tonutti, Kalaitzis, Molassiotis) at CUT
Student award ceremony with Fedon Makris (1st prize for 4th year student)
Attending crowd of Ariel Vicente and Epaminondas Paplomatas keynote lectures at CUT
Attending crowd (Seminar by Colelli & Fellman) at CUT

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