The CUT Fruit Sciences Group (FSG) logotype portrays the values and philosophy of the lab, via a single symbol. A cut citrus / orange fruit can be noticed that refers to the Mediterranean crops and scenery; the research sector of the group. Moreover, the symbol looks like a half asterisk inside a half circle. Asterisk is a historic typographic symbol, invented by the first cavemen as it was found in ancient cave paintings. Nowadays, asterisk emphasises and declares quality. It is also be used in academic papers and essays to declare footnotes, add further information and give credit to corresponding authors. Furthermore, it can be said that only an asterisk could contain the thousand different crop fruit species! The half asterisk can refer to the roots of a fruit tree. On the other hand, the circle can symbolise the globe and the international acts and contribution of FSG. Lastly, a typographic game between the N and U letters form a science tube, reminding scientific equipment as well as science term in general.