Principles of Plant Production

(33%, General aspects of Pomology)

This course builds on information given in ABF211 Plant Physiology and comprises the foundation for all subsequent courses in crop Science and Technology. Topics to be covered include: Crop Science in context. Classification and nomenclature of cultivated plants. Crop physiology. Nutrition and irrigation. Cultural practices. Pest and disease management. Harvesting, storage and marketing. The course includes lectures, laboratory exercises and field trips aiming to acquaint the student with the morphology, botanical classification, general characteristics, recognition and identification of the most important groups and species of cultivated plants.

Part III Fruit crops:

Pomology (introductory note), parts of fruit species, fruit bearing habit, pollination-fertilization, pruning, ecology, propagation, orchard design, cultivation techniques, aqueous relations-Irrigation, mineral nutrition-fertilization, fruit growth and fruit thinning, harvesting, fruit ripening.

  • Parts of Deciduous fruit species
  • Pollination, Fertilization and Fruit bearing
  • Pruning
  • Ecology of deciduous fruit species
  • Propagation
  • Orchard design
  • Cultivation techniques
  • Aqueous relations – Irrigation
  • Mineral nutrition – Fertilization
  • Fruit growth and ripening

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