The course covers primarily the scientific and technological aspects of viticulture and to a small extent the socio-economic background of grapevine cultivation in Cyprus. The course is dealing mainly with the following topics: Botanical classification, morphological and anatomical characteristics, physiology, vineyard design, means of propagation, cultural practices, pruning, rootstocks, main cultivars, irrigation, mineral nutrition and plant protection (control of pests and diseases, weed control), harvesting, ripening, maturity indices and postharvest maintenance of table grapes. Special attention is given to growth and development, dormancy and factors affecting it, sprouting, flowering and fruit setting. Ampelography (systematic classification, description of grapevine varieties) is a main topic dealt in the lab esersices. The course includes lectures, lab exercises and field practicals.

Prerequisite: ABF212 Principles of Crop Production

  • Viticulture (introductory note)
  • Morphological and anatomical characteristics
  • Physiology
  • Vineyard design
  • Propagation
  • Pruning
  • Rootstocks
  • Cultivars
  • Irrigation & Mineral nutrition
  • Plant protection (insects, fungi, bacteria, virus)
  • Harvesting, Ripening, Maturity indices and postharvest maintenance of table grapes

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Viticulture Course
Viticulture Course
Viticulture Course
Viticulture Course

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