What we do

Our group is having extensive research experience in issues related to preharvest and postharvest factors affecting fresh produce with special reference to fruit crops and grapes.

We can routinely run an array of assays related to qualitative, physicochemical, phytochemical and biochemical properties of fresh produce. We have additionally focusing our research activities towards:

  • Optimization of production protocols/preharvest management practices
  • Control of physiological disorders both on- and off-vine
  • Characterization and valorization of indigenous cultivars, including the exploitation of underutilized fruit crops under Cypriot conditions 
  • Incorporate innovative postharvest applications in the supply chain of fresh produce
  • Create a critical mass of interest and raise awareness among policy makers and end users for the deployment of the Group results at commercial scale
  • Identify market challenges and opportunities for the Cypriot horticultural sector with special reference to fruit crops and grapes

Fruit Sciences & Postharvest Group

Who we are

We are part of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science (ABF) at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), based in Lemesos, Cyprus. The Fruit Sciences/Postharvest Group was established by Dr. George Manganaris upon his recruitment at CUT in January 2009. The Group is currently composed by one post-doctoral researcher, two PhD students, two MSc students and a number of undergraduate students.

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Here are the courses that we provide to our students.

Preharvest treatments and novel technologies for maintaining quality of horticultural crops

Our Projects

List of projects that our group is working or has been working on.

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